Wolfenstein: The New Order Review – A Surprising Rebirth

The original Wolfenstein 3D on PC occupies a special place in my personal pantheon of gaming. Growing up, we weren’t allowed to have gaming consoles in our house – a problem I rectified as soon as I had a job and a car and could buy my own without permission – but we were allowed to play games on our family PC. When my brother and I were small children, this meant playing Commodore 64 games, but as we got older this expanded to Sierra and LucasArts adventure games, and eventually, to Wolfenstein 3D.

Given a somewhat limited ability to actually purchase games, Shareware games made up a big part of our catalog, and we’d often play the free parts up to the pay wall (for games that had one) over and over again. I can’t remember how many times I played the same levels on Wolfenstein 3D, but I  can tell you that when I played the “hidden” level in Wolfenstein: The New Order (an Easter Egg that has you replay the first level of Wolfenstein 3D) that I knew where all the secret pushwalls still were, 22 years later.

Wolfenstein 3D was, in its original incarnations, pretty much a story-free, visceral shooter, widely considered the game from which all other FPS games followed. In a world of regenerating shields, co-op campaigns, multiplayer supremacy, can Wolfenstein rise again?

If nothing else, it sure looks prettier these days.


wolfenstein pretty


wolfenstein 1992

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Steam Summer Sale – Sunday, 6/22 Recap, HP14 Woot! Offer, HumbleBundle Audio Books

Good afternoon!  Today just a quick recap of the games on sale as part of the Steam Summer Sale as of 1 PM today, 6/22/14 along with a couple other deals happening now from Woot! and HumbleBundle.

Steam Summer Sale

Battleblock Theater – $3.74 (75% off)

This game has been out for some time now on XB360 but is a more recent release on Steam. By the creators of Castle Crashers, it is a somewhat similar game but has far more emphasis on puzzles, platforming, and humor. It features local and online multiplayer and a TON of content for the price.  Strongly recommend it at this price.

Borderlands 2 – $4.99 (75% off) / Game of the Year Edition $9.99 (75% off)

First, please note that the Borderlands 2 Game of the Year (GOTY) edition is ALSO on sale for 75% off, making it $9.99 – and that is DEFINITELY the one to buy, as for $5 more you’re getting an absurd amount of additional content. The one on the front store page is just the game itself.

If you haven’t played Borderlands 2, it is basically the Diablo/Torchlight of FPS games, though Borderlands 2 has more story and humor than the first. The shooting mechanics themselves are still a bit lacking in impact but I loved this game and highly recommend it if you haven’t played it. Definitely playable solo but far better with 2-4 player online co-op.  For $10, if you have one or more friends you can talk into buying this as well, buy it.  This is the cheapest price I’ve ever seen on this game.

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Deals! 5/19/14 (PC Games, Electronics)

If you’re looking for some new PC games, go over to HumbleBundle and start at the store page…


It is actually almost over now, but HumbleBundle has been running an awesome Spring sale on PC games for the past week and a half. While it looks like the Flash sales are over, they brought back a ton of the better sales for a final day.  Check these out:

  • Batman: Arkham Origins $8.99
  • Far Cry 3 Deluxe $9.99
  • Rogue Legacy $4.99
  • Outlast $4.99
  • Prison Architect $11.99
  • Kerbal Space Program $16.19
  • Tomb Raider GOTY $7.49
  • Monaco $3.74
  • Papers, Please $4.99
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch $8.99
  • Halo: Spartan Assault $2.49
  • Shadow Warrior (2013) $9.99
  • Risk of Rain $4.99
  • FTL Advanced Edition $6.66
  • Mercenary Kings $9.99
  • Broforce $13.49
  • Kentucky Route Zero $12.49
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare $6.24
  • Nidhogg $9.99
  • Space Hulk $7.49
  • Scribblenaughts  Unmasked $4.99
  • Metro: Last Light Completed Edition $13.32

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Deals! 4/14/14 (PC Games, Tablets, Movies)

Some quick specials today:  Games, Kindle Fire tablets, and Movies…


Green Man Gaming (GMG) has a week long sale with new specials each today.  Highlights from today:

  • Tomb Raider GOTY Edition $7.49
  • Arkham Origins $9.99 (Season Pass $4.99)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Ult. Edition $12.49
  • Final Fantasy VII  $5.99
  • Final Fantasy VIII $5.99
  • Scribblenauts Unmasked $7.49



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Deals! 4/9/14 (Chromebook, PC Games, SD Cards)

Some quick deals for today…


Best Buy has the Acer C720P for $249.99.  This is the Acer C720 2 GB of RAM but in white, with a touchscreen, and 32 GB SSD (instead of 16 GB).  A $50 discount on a $300 computer is pretty significant.  Buy it here.


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Deals! 4/2/14 (PC Games, Movies, Music)

Some quick deals to pass on for today.  Today’s edition of deals brought to you at cruising altitude from my American Airlines flight to Dallas, TX courtesy of a Gogo in-flight wireless voucher that was free with my Chromebook!


Gamefly Digital is having a nice sale on PC RPG bundles that’s worth checking out. They have a 20% coupon voucher as well but not sure if you can double-dip these.

Gamefly Digital RPG Sale (PC)

  • Mass Effect Trilogy $13.20
  • Kingdoms of Alamur: Reckoning Complete $9.99
  • Dragon Age Bundle (I & II) $12.49
  • Deus Ex Collection (Deux Ex, Invisible War, Human Revolution Dir. Cut) $13.59
  • The Witcher Bundle (I & II) $14.99

Of these, they’re all pretty good collections, but I’d recommend Mass Effect Trilogy and Kingdoms of Amalur speaking just on price.  The others have been cheaper, and are on sale pretty often; for example the Witcher has been $1.99 and Witcher II is often $4.99, so I’d pass on that one.

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Should You Buy It? One Finger Death Punch (PC)

Should You Buy It?  Score:   Yes!

Just getting that out of the way, because every minute you don’t own this game is a damn shame.

What is it?

One Finger Death Punch is an insane indie PC game available on Steam.  The best way I can describe it is that it is an on-rails beat-em-up.  Imagine you’re standing in place while an army of ninjas moves at you on a 2D plane, riding people movers that may speed up, a non-stop parade of goons just waiting to be beaten upon the head, neck, and face.  Oh, and they’re all stick figures.

That’s One Finger Death Punch.


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FREE: Dead Space for PC

In case you missed it, Dead Space is 100% free right now for PC.

Link:  https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/on-the-house-ANW.html


Yours to keep, free forever, no subscriptions needed.

The only catch?

You need to sign up for Origin.


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