Budget Desktop Battle: Kangaroo PC vs Chromebit vs Remix Mini

Today’s smartphones and tablets are powered by processors that may be small, but are powerful enough to run full desktop operating systems. This isn’t just a marketing claim, as manufacturers are making desktop computers using mobile processors and components. These devices combine the low cost and tiny footprint of these mobile processors with traditional desktop operating systems and capabilities, allowing for miniature computers that are exceptionally portable.

In this article I will compare three PCs that are all available for below $100, featuring three different operating systems: Windows 10, Android, and Chrome OS. Each has a unique form factor, resulting in varying strengths, weaknesses, and features. These small PCs are a great way to turn a TV with an extra HDMI port into a full-fledged computer, and offer both productivity and entertainment options.

Read on to find out more about these three new micro PCs:

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Remix Mini Review: A $69 Android Desktop Micro PC

Several manufacturers have introduced Android-based computers over the past few years, including attempts by HP such as the Slatebook and Slate All-in-One. Unfortunately, these devices did not account for the fact that Android was built for smartphones and tablets to be controlled via touchscreen input, not traditional desktop interfaces like a mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, core Android applications aren’t always designed for desktop screen resolution and orientation, and Android itself isn’t friendly to multi-tasking.

The result has been that these devices have felt half-baked, and haven’t been successful in the marketplace.

Enter Jide, a Chinese company comprised of former Google engineers. Jide successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign for their Remix Tablet, which featured a heavily custom version of Android – Remix OS – that turned the tablet experience into something akin to a Microsoft Surface Pro. Following that, they then launched a Kickstarter for the Remix Mini, a small form factor Android desktop PC based again on their Remix OS, now a customer skin for Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

With Kickstarter shipping completed and a few OS updates released based on backer feedback, the Remi Mini is now available from retail for $69.99, offering the promise of a desktop-like experience melded with the rich application library of Android.

Does the Remix Mini deliver on that promise?


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