Hi, I’m Matt Elias, but a lot of folks online know me as Voltron00x from just about, well, everywhere including Steam, Xbox Live, PSN, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and pretty much every M:TG website.

This is an outlet for me to talk about gaming, computers, and technology. The majority of posts are about Chromebooks, Android (Phones, Tablets, Wear, TV), Laptops, and PC Gaming with a focus on reviews and first impressions.

I’m definitely interested in your feedback, both about specific posts and things you’d like to see me talk about, so definitely reach out and let me know what you like and don’t like.  You can contact me directly at voltron00x@gmail.com or leave comments here.

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Some topics you can expect to see covered regularly:

Computers, Tablets, and Tech

As my wife will tell you, I have a bad habit of collecting misc. tech items, and when I get something (or at least read about/play with something) that I think is worth talking about, I’ll write about it.  Also, you’re likely to see some thoughts about ecosystems (Amazon, Google, Apple, etc). I own computers and laptops running Windows, OS X, and Chrome OS.

Generally speaking I will focus more on the lower cost end of the spectrum, looking at affordable tech items that outperform expectations.

Chromebooks & Chrome OS

One of the main focuses of this website is to help people understand Chromebooks and Chrome OS in general. Chromebooks are awesome pieces of technology that are helping make computing more affordable in education and at home.

PC Gaming

Game reviews and first impressions for games both new and old, game deals, links, and other misc. items related to gaming on the PC. Also pushing budget tech items to see what games they’re capable of running.

Books, TV, Music and Movies

Occasional reviews and thoughts on whatever it is that I’ve seen, listened to, or read recently, or some of my favorite books and authors.  Also thoughts about the delivery of those items to us as consumers (meaning content streaming and things of that nature).

About Me

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my wife, our two sons, and our two dogs. I’m a life-long gamer, including all types of games, though recently mostly card games, board games, and PC games.

I was a weekly columnist for StarCityGames.com for almost three years, focusing on the Eternal formats of Vintage and Legacy, with some other stuff thrown in as well. I won the 2010 StarCity Legacy Open in Philadelphia, and had a lot of local success playing Vintage tournaments. I still own the Power 9 and play occasionally.

I work for a national facilities maintenance company as a Key Account Manager; prior to that, I worked in Specialty Retail as a Store Manager and District Manager.

Writing has been a long-term passion of mine and I hope to some day do it full-time and be paid vast sums of money for it… though in the meantime, any sums of money will do.

I’m very interested in working in written media related to tech and gaming, as well as taking part in other projects like podcasts and perhaps even video work, though at this time I have very limited time to learn and work with video editing.

A Note on Monetization and AdBlock / uBlock:

The items I review are a mix of things purchased for personal use and items purchased or otherwise obtained with the intent of reselling at a loss.

In order to try to at least make this a cost-neutral hobby, I have monetized this website including ads and affiliate links.

If you are using an adblocking program such as AdBlock or uBlock, it would be greatly appreciated if you would consider adding Voltron00x.com to your list of sites that allow ads.  And, if you are considering purchasing an item which I have covered, it is always appreciated if you access Amazon via an article’s affiliate link, or by clicking here prior to making your purchase.

In the future I may set up alternative options such as Patreon donations.

I know that this type of thing is not positively received by some people, but hope you understand the necessity of it, and please know that I greatly appreciate any and all support, not just monetary but by way of sharing, liking, following, and subscribing!



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