Behold the Acer Chromebook 15: Reviewing the World’s Largest Chromebook

No, that isn’t an alien monolith, just the world’s largest Chromebook: The Acer Chromebook 15.


Prior to the spring of 2015, the largest Chromebooks on the block were released by HP, in the form of the relatively well-received HP 14 line. The other OEMs all topped out at 13.3″ with devices like the Asus C300, Acer Chromebook 13, and Toshiba Chromebook 2. As Chromebooks are generally running lower-end processors and are designed for portability, this made logical sense; there was no need, from an engineering or build perspective, to have a larger device to dissipate heat, cram in additional drives, or allow for discrete GPUs.

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The Best Chromebooks You Can Buy – Spring 2015 Edition

One of the most common posts on the various Chromebook and Chrome OS groups online is some variant of the “What Chromebook Should I Buy?” post.  In order to try to make this process a bit easier for people looking to buy their first Chromebook, I figured I’d pull together a list of the Chromebooks that are most often recommended, broken out by screen size as well as Budget, Overall, and Performance categories.

Below the main section, which focuses on new Chromebooks, I’ll briefly discuss some of the better refurbished models available, and finally will break down the best models for a variety of tasks and use cases.

As information, “Crouton” is mentioned multiple times in this article, and is a reference to a set of scripts you can download which allows your Chromebook to simultaneously run Chrome OS and Ubuntu Linux. This allows you to run programs on your Chromebook which you otherwise could not, such as Minecraft, Steam, and more. For more info, see here for background on using Linux on your Chromebook, and here for an install guide.

NOTE: This post was last updated on 6/27/15, to account for releases in April, May, and June including the Hisense and Haier Chromebooks, and the Asus C201 and Flip. Click here for a newer version that covers the Dell Chromebook 13 and revised Toshiba Chromebook 2 2015.

11.6″ Chromebooks

Best Budget Choice – Asus C201


The Asus C201 is, as of this writing, the best budget Chromebook you can purchase new from stores. It has an MSRP of $169.99 but has been on sale from multiple retailers for $159.99.

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Buying a Chromebook: Freebies, Extensions, Settings and Accessories


One of the best things about buying a Chromebook is that not only are most of them relatively cheap devices, but they’re also remarkably self-contained. Out of the box, you can set up a new Chromebook in a matter of a few minutes, including the downloading of all your Chrome Extensions and any required OS updates.

In fact, this process is so fast that I was able to set up my most recent Chromebook during my Pixel Unboxing video!

However, if you’ve never bought a Chromebook before, and have just purchased one or are thinking about purchasing one, you might feel a little bit lost. After you buy your Chromebook and log in with your Google ID, what should you do next?

Today I’ll cover a few important points about Chromebooks:

  • Redeem your Google Freebies
  • Downloading Extensions
  • Basic Set-up and Housekeeping
  • Best Chromebook Accessories

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Moto 360 Review Update – 6 Month Check-Up

I jumped into Android Wear with the release of the Moto 360 back in September 2014. My initial impressions of the 360 were generally positive, though my feelings about Android Wear as a platform were somewhat mixed.

I’ve been living with his device every day for six months now, and with the impending release of the Apple Watch and conclusion of the Pebble Time Kickstarter campaign, this seems like an ideal time to check in on Android Wear and see how the 360 is holding up.

Silver Metal 360

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