Chrome Extensions: The 10 You Should Be Using

Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular desktop web browser, and not just for its speed, stability, or security: Chrome Extensions are easy ways to add robust and versatile features to Chrome, turning it into something far more powerful than what you can experience with Internet Explorer.

Below is a list of 10 Chrome Extensions I strongly recommend, in particular for Chrome OS users. However, most of these will be applicable on any desktop OS where you can run Chrome, including Windows and OS X.

I’ve tried to avoid some of the very obvious and popular extensions like those from Amazon, Ebay, Gmail, Pocket, and so on, but for the record, I do also recommend the following in addition to the list below: Gmail checker, Send to Kindle, Add to Wishlist (Amazon), Ebay, Keep, and Pocket.

With that out of the way, let’s kick off the list with…



This is one of my absolute favorite Chrome extensions, for both work and play. At the press of a button, it collapses all of your open Chrome tabs into one single list of links:

OneTab Example

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