Acer Chromebook 13 CB5 vs. Toshiba Chromebook 2

Late in 2014, both Acer and Toshiba released new 13″ Chromebooks, each with significant buzz prior to release. Both have continued to be popular in early 2015 as we wait for updated devices featuring Intel Broadwell and Core M chips. Superficially these Chromebooks may appear similar: both are low-cost laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS and feature 13.3″ Full HD Displays as a key selling point.

However, some key decisions in the design of each system result in very different user experiences. I’ll attempt to describe the highs and lows of each system below, to help you decide which of these systems is right for you.


Toshiba Chromebook 2 – System Specs


Toshiba answered the prayers of many devoted Chrome OS fans by offering a 13.3″ full HD, 1920×1080 IPS display combined with an Intel processor, at a very reasonable $329.99 MSRP. One of just a few Chrome OS devices to offer an IPS display – and by far the cheapest – this Chromebook has the best display panel you’ll find on any computer close to this price point, regardless of the operating system.



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HP Stream 7 Review and Minecraft Test


The HP Stream 7 is a tablet running full Windows 8.1 which includes a year subscription to Office 365 Personal, all from a relatively respected OEM, and priced at under $100.

Is it really possible to get a good Windows experience for under a hundred bucks?

If that’s all you’re here for, I’ll make this easy:  the answer is not really, no. Some of this has to do with the Stream 7, and some has to do with Windows 8.1 itself.

Still, the HP Stream 7 is cheap enough, and decent enough at a wide enough range of tasks, that it somehow becomes a compelling device despite its limitations.

Here is my long time coming, and long-winded, review of the HP Stream 7.



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