Nintendo Switch: Week One Review

Let’s talk about the Nintendo Switch!

DISCLAIMER: The following are my impressions of the console and its launch software after one week; all items discussed were purchased with my own funds, and no one has reviewed this content prior to posting, nor am I being compensated directly by Nintendo or any game publishers for any of this content. All views expressed are my own.

Starting with the hardware itself, I think it is an impressively well-executed product in terms of hardware design. Nintendo has managed to build a system that feels natural as both a portable and a home console, functioning in both modes better than I expected. Despite some concerns with the ergonomics – and most adults will likely have the same reaction when you see how small the Joy-cons are – the Switch doesn’t feel all that bad in-hand. I can use it longer than my PS Vita or DS without any hand cramping when in tablet mode. The ability to use the built-in kickstand and included controller dock helps, as I find that more comfortable for longer play; for use in this mode, the built-in speakers are quite good, while the charger port location on the bottom of the device is unfortunate. The whole docking/undocking experience is pretty great, both with the system itself and the controllers. They nailed that aspect, right down to the “click” sound that the system makes when you slot the Joy-cons in place.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review – A Surprising Rebirth

The original Wolfenstein 3D on PC occupies a special place in my personal pantheon of gaming. Growing up, we weren’t allowed to have gaming consoles in our house – a problem I rectified as soon as I had a job and a car and could buy my own without permission – but we were allowed to play games on our family PC. When my brother and I were small children, this meant playing Commodore 64 games, but as we got older this expanded to Sierra and LucasArts adventure games, and eventually, to Wolfenstein 3D.

Given a somewhat limited ability to actually purchase games, Shareware games made up a big part of our catalog, and we’d often play the free parts up to the pay wall (for games that had one) over and over again. I can’t remember how many times I played the same levels on Wolfenstein 3D, but I  can tell you that when I played the “hidden” level in Wolfenstein: The New Order (an Easter Egg that has you replay the first level of Wolfenstein 3D) that I knew where all the secret pushwalls still were, 22 years later.

Wolfenstein 3D was, in its original incarnations, pretty much a story-free, visceral shooter, widely considered the game from which all other FPS games followed. In a world of regenerating shields, co-op campaigns, multiplayer supremacy, can Wolfenstein rise again?

If nothing else, it sure looks prettier these days.


wolfenstein pretty


wolfenstein 1992

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Transistor Review: Function Over Form



Before I talk about Transistor, I find it necessary to talk about Bastion, because my feelings about one directly inform my opinion of the other. If you absolutely can’t stand the idea of having to read a little bit about Bastion, skip ahead to “Transistor: Overview” down below.

Revisiting Bastion



I played Bastion as part of the XBox Summer of Arcade promotion in 2011, and before the first level was over, I was in love. I obviously wasn’t alone, as the game’s sales have exceeded two million copies as of this year across multiple platforms including Windows, XBox 360, and iOS.

The game’s setting, a sort of post-apocalyptic western/steampunk/fantasy hybrid, is exceptional. While the graphics are basic, the art style and execution of the game’s visual design is superb, and in fact this is exactly the type of game that will still look good ten years from now.

The voice acting by Logan Cunningham is in the upper echelon of all such work across the canon of videogames.

And, the music by Darren Kolb is outstanding. This is a game with songs you absolutely will remember after the game is over. There’s a haunting but beautiful thread that runs across many of the tracks, and it has a musical style that would not be out of place in the anime Trigun, which itself was a sort of Western/Steampunk hybrid, or perhaps Firefly.



The only area where one might say Bastion was average?  Gameplay and mechanics.

Bastion is a competent, but relatively shallow, Action/RPG hybrid with more emphasis on action. There’s nothing wrong with how the game plays, but neither is there anything new or particularly exciting.

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Should You Buy It? Luftrausers (PC Mac Linux PS3 Vita)

What is it?

Luftrausers is a retro, arcade-inspired shmup in which you get to play the most badass fighter pilot of all time.  Developed by Vlambeer (creators of Ridiculous Fishing) and published by Devolver Digital, the game is available for PC, Mac, and Linux as well as the Playstation 3 and PS Vita.


Ready for Takeoff

There’s something very special about the flight mechanics in Luftrausers.

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