Vintage Dredge: The Once and Forever Boogeyman

“Hey! How are you? Oh, and I’m not saying ‘hi’ to you – not until round one is done and I know if you’re playing Dredge.”

Or how about this one:

“I’m glad you came out, been a while! Now I wish I’d have brought another Containment Priest with me!”

For the first full year that I played Vintage – 2009 – I played almost exclusively Oath of Druids decks, with a few dips into the Dredge pool. The following year, I resolved to play as many different strategies as I could, and so over a nine-week stretch to start the year of 2010, I played five Vintage tournaments with five different strategies: Elephant Oath, Noble Fish, Dredge, Workshop Aggro, and a deck Steve Nowakowski and I invented called Two Card Monte.

I made at least the top 8 with all of these decks. And yet, every time I play Vintage, I have to endure the questions that seem like small talk, but are really a thinly veiled ruse designed to determine if I’m playing Dredge. You know, conversations like, “Hey buddy, how are you! Been a while, how’s your family and ARE YOU PLAYING DREDGE TODAY YOU RAT BASTARD!?!”

Just little subtle things like that, mostly.

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Vintage Magic: Analyzing the Restricted List Updates

The bulk of this article contains my thoughts on the impact of the Vintage portion of the Banned and Restricted List Updates that posted on 9/28, which can be found here. Following that, I provide the full top 8 deck lists from the 9/19 Top Deck Games Vintage event with 41 players and some quick hits and innovations to look for within those lists.

As a reminder, here’s the impact to Vintage from the 9/28 announcement:

Chalice of the Void
Dig Through Time


Thirst for Knowledge

tfk like

The combination of these moves simultaneously will really shake up the Vintage format. Working in reverse order, let’s take a detailed look at the changes each of these are likely to cause.

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Dragonlords and Pyromancers: Attacking Post-Champs Vintage

Eternal Weekend 2015 was an incredible event for Legacy and Vintage players. The fantastic deck design and varied metagame of the top performing decks at Vintage Champs are rife with opportunity to learn about how Vintage functions today, and where there are potential angles in the metagame that can be exploited moving forward.

In this article, I take a look at how two creative decks from Vintage Champs attacked the format, starting with Brian Kelly’s Dragonlord Oath deck, and then Stephen Menendian’s Gush Pyromancer deck. I then provide the deck list and sideboard strategy for the version I played at Top Deck Games on 9/19.

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