Fluxmob Bolt2 Battery and Charger: Kickstarter Tech Review

If you travel frequently for work, you’re likely familiar with the annoyance of packing up multiple wall chargers and battery back-up packs. In the future hopefully all of our phones and tablets will run via USB Type C charging, but if you’re impatient and want a better solution right now, Fluxmob’s Bolt2 battery back-up and wall charger 2-in-1 may be of interest:

The original Bolt was interesting, but ultimately limited by its single charging port, 3000 mAh battery capacity and 1.0A output.

The sequel doubles up the original in all the key areas:

  • Total battery capacity has doubled to 6000 mAh, enough to charge most phones twice or a single tablet approximately once – roughly 80% full on an iPad Air 2
  • There are now two available charging ports, and both can be used simultaneously to charge two devices via both battery or outlet
  • Power output has increased to 2.4A allowing for much faster charging of tablets and other devices capable of drawing that additional power

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